Be grateful and grow rich

Christian Albert Mueller, short Chris is a Researcher in the

Field of Human Growth and inspired People around the world with his Work.


He dedicated his Life to bring Value into the Life of others with simple Tools to gain replicable Results .  


Chris lived 10 years in Sinai at the Red Sea with local Bedouins and Expats around the World to enjoy the Simplicity of Life and to gain a better Understanding in Human Needs.


He developed an App for Woman that helps each Month more than 1 Million Woman in their female Cycle and helped thousands to fulfill their Dream getting a Baby.

Through his Experience from young Age, that his Mother was his Mentor and his Father his Challenge, he learned to respect others as they are and also understood without Massive Action there is no Way to Success. 


Chris worked with inspiring People around the World.  


He looked into the spiritual Marketplace of World Religions, Shamans, and highest Tibetan Teachings to learn more about the non-material Aspect of Life and After-Life.


He worked with Personal Coaches, who trained World Leaders within Business, Sports, and Politics,  to understand the technics of a fulfilled Life in Relation, Finances, and Health.



Moreover, Chris made real Life Experience on his own.

He transforms Mistakes into Wisdom and takes Success as a Ladder for higher Goals.








Christian A. Mueller & Tony Robbins

Life is a Journey and there is no simple Solution to fulfil all our Emotional Needs.