• Christian Albert Mueller

2 1/2 Years later

New Life, home with my love at a beautiful place. working together on the future of LA County Real-Estate and rising Data Privacy to the next level.

I came here to bring our businesses (Nitti & I) to the next level and create a beautiful life, wherever that is in the world, as long it is with the person I like to stay closest to. Mexico is beautiful and I really loved the Maldives. Hawaii ... best Memories, My passport does show Germany and my Visa USA. Good for me.

Did we know before how our now so-called past will be? What came till now. Who does know what the future brings? How good or bad do we see our past, how bright and afraid our future. Right now at this very moment, we decide how we want to live and live it.

Denial, Fear, Conspiracy, Distrust, Everybody around us may see when we are in such a state ourselves and still ourself my not realize it. We think it's normal.

"What? Why? When? Who? When? Whom? How? However!

Like the eye can see everything around it, but not itself.

Holding and sharing Space for others with each other is a great experience.

Yes, it is still about Real-Estate and Investments, supporting women, mankind, and all beings. Just on the highest level.

More to come.

Santa Monica / LA / South California / USA / 2020

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